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Kells bay silk & Merino necktie - 4 colour options


Hand-dyed & Hand-Made with Merino wool & open weave silk, this luxurious Necktie scarf has been Artisan hand painted with colourfast dyes. The shine is stunning. The scarf has been made using a felting technique called Nuno Felting, which combines the wool and silk into one piece. Each scarf is unique. Very lightweight and soft on the skin.

Inspired by the pink colours of the coastline flowers of the West coast of Ireland.

Width 6", Length 43"

Each item is completely hand made and quality inspected by Jayne Gillan from her home studio in County Kerry, Ireland. Care instructions : Hand wash item. Dry flat and med iron. Do not Tumble dry or put in washing machine as this will shrink the merino wool

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